Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: Ambitious Yet Entertaining

Rating: 2 out of 5.

What could have ended late-night DJ Tony Sinclair’s career, turned out to be his biggest come up. While on-air at his low-paying radio gig, DJ Tony Sinclair’s girlfriend Christine broke up with him before he got a call from a woman struggling to leave an unhealthy relationship. The on-air break up made Tony the laughing stock of Atlanta—yet the notoriety gave him a better chance a more popular station in the area.

After landing a job at this station, the DJ is even more known in Atlanta and happens to re-connect with the caller in distress, who we now learn is named Robin. All is peachy as their love story begins, until viewers learn the relationship Robin left was with an abusive drug lord named Hendrix who’ll do anything to keep Robin within his reach.

Throughout Tony and Robin’s romantic ride, I was slow to fall into the romance. While high on comedic entertainment, the relationship felt lackluster and clearly staged. Robin seemed to be duly in love with a man who was somewhat interested in her in return. Much of her adoration of Tony appeared savior-like, as his advice when she called the radio station pushed her to leave her abusive husband. This is a reason to be grateful but isn’t purely a reason to fall in love. Tony’s relationship with his family and friends are clearly established, yet viewers aren’t shown more reasons to believe that Tony and Robin are of interest to each other beyond their first phone call.

Viewers don’t get to know Robin outside of her relationships with Tony and Hendrix also. In other scenes, many women characters aren’t allowed much opportunity to talk at all, besides Tony’s ex Christine, leaving viewers to figure out who these characters really are. In fact, much of the film felt like a boy’s story, though Robin is also an integral part of the film. Cameos from Omar Gooding and Angie Stone help viewers lavish in laughter during the otherwise slow-progressing film, yet their scenes weren’t enough to push the plot forward.

When “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” is good, it’s good and when it’s bad, it’s really bad. If you can look past the slow plot and semi-believable acting, you’ll be sure to gain a lot of laughs.

Viewed as part of the Black Harvest Film Festival 2019

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